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August 22, 2016

This is the true story of one...#hotmessmom

So I started this little pet project of mine, hotmessmom, and then at the same I was like hey, wouldn't it be so much fun to move too? Oh yeah, and also wouldn't it be fun if my kid was starting school at the same time we were moving. Aaaand we are also going to go on vacation mid-household-move. Because when I like to make a mess, I really like to make a big one.

Now that the vacation vibes are dwindling, school is back in action, and we are finally in a place where I am not running around every morning searching through bags and boxes trying to find an outfit for me and my child, I can focus back up on getting hotmessmom off the ground. [[ crossing my fingers ]]

I really wanted to start this project because on the daily I am always thinking to myself "I'm such a hot mess." And I thought to myself about how ridiculous and hilarious my life is. Then I was like "hey, maybe if i share my stories, other people will find it funny too."

The point of this blog [ and my Instagram and my Twitter ] is to share with you the daily stories of my life. The complete mommy fuck-ups of the day. The absolutely ridiculous and hilarious things my kid says. The thoughts that I know we all have, but not all of us are willing to share. I hope you'll all be able to laugh at me and with me.

[ NOTE ]
While I will be sharing a lot of true life and personal stories of mine, I will not be sharing anything truly personal. No names. No faces. No locations.



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