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October 28, 2016

when i was little...

You know when you're little and you imagine what your life will be like when you grow up?
 [ ] I always knew I would be a mom
 [ ] I also wanted to have a PhD in Psychology and open my own practice.
 [ ] I kind of sorta thought I could be a famous ballet dancer.
 [ ] I wanted to be rich, and skinny, and I thought I'd always have super awesome hair.
 [ ] I worried about finding the man of my dreams and getting married [still worried, fyi]

The NUMBER ONE thing I did NOT expect to have to worry about was my flippin' eyebrows, ladies and gents.

I never in a million years would could have guessed that I would worry about the shape they are in, the color they are, the random missing hairs from when I had chicken pox as a kid, and never did I think I would be concerned that my bushy ass eyebrows are "too skinny."

Way too much energy is being wasted on whether or not my eyebrows are on "fleek," (whatever the fuck that means), but I just can'! I just want my eyebrows to be like all those youtube tutorial stars.

There are SO many other things I am probably wasting way too many brain cells thinking about, but how about you tell me some of yours in the comments below.

[basically i just want you to help me feel better about my petty worries]




  1. Grey hair! I mean I kind of knew it would eventually happen since my mom dyed her hair since I could remember and my dad has always had grey hair. But seriously, so soon?! And being a stay at home mom I can't justify spending a million dollars to get it professionally done and maintained. Ugh, the horror!

    1. ah i just found like 5 all at once the other day and totally freaked. as a single mom it's hard to take the time and spend the money to get my hair done consistently, so trust, i totally understand!