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March 18, 2017

Champagne is for every night of the week...

So I saw this little blurb of an image on Instagram the other day while I was doing my usual aimless scrolling. It was on a fairly famous or well known individual who has 65,000 followers. I don't think this is even the first time that I've seen it, but I'm going to tell you why I kind of hate it.

I first started reading it and I was like "yeah, girl! you tell 'em." I saved the photo before I even finished reading the sentence, to be honest, because I'm impatient and impulsive like that. Then I read the "never settle for less than 6 inches" and I totally thought it was talking about your high heel inches. Then I was like "Nah, girl, you crazy." And theeen 5 seconds later, I got it...yeah, I'm a bit slow sometimes, I'll admit it.

At that point I read it again and thought to myself how dumb this sentence really is. And I wonder how many young girls see this and live by this because someone famous posted it. Let's be realistic, that's the world we live in these days.

Let's break it down into sections and go over my distaste almost for each part.

"Don't let dumb boys make you cry"
While, I do agree there are a lot of dumb boys out there making girls cry, it does not always mean they are bad people. Boys are dumb and they definitely don't understand women. Women don't even understand women though, so you can't blame them too much. 
[Side note: If you're in a bad relationship, then get the hell out because there are a ton of other men (or women) out there for you. Just go and don't look back.]
However, with that being said, on the other hand, my boyfriend has made me cry numerous times in the past 5 years, but that doesn't make him a horrible person. Also to his defense, I cry just all the time in general. I cry when I'm mad. I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm happy. Whose to say it was him that made me cry or just PMS or just me crying because I don't know how not to cry anymore apparently. 
I'm just afraid that we tell young girls so often, don't worry just leave your boyfriend/husband and go get a new one. Instead of teaching them how to communicate better, how to work things out, how to try harder before giving up. 

"Don't work shit jobs"

I'm sorry, but I think you do have to work shit jobs. Isn't it a rite of passage that you have to work at least 10 shit jobs before you find that amazing one that boosts your career and drives your passion? Okay, maybe 10 jobs is extreme, but also not really 
At 16 years old when I got my first job at a froyo shop making like $7.00 an hour, I didn't think it was an amazing job. I didn't even want to have a job, but I didn't actually have a choice because my mom made me. Honestly, I never second guessed it. I was grateful to get a job. 
Then from there I went onto a shit retail job where my manager was a biiiiitch. Then after that I worked in a calling center where I worked shit hours from 3am - 12pm. Then I worked in an office literally just scanning paper. Next, I worked at an accounting firm that at the time I thought was awful, but now I look back and it taught me a lot about work and office etiquette and how to handle all types of business situations.
Throughout each [shit] job, I learned more and more about how to handle myself and work with others professionally which has lead me to the career I'm in now. [ No, I'm not talking about blogging. I actually have a full time career ] 
Don't get me wrong, like with the boyfriend thing, there are exceptions. If your boss is doing illegal things or sexually harassing you, then don't stand for that shit and walk out [find a new job first]
However, if your boss is a jerk, it's still all a good learning experience. I've never had a boss that was just absolutely perfect. Each one that I have had, there has been at least a day or two or twenty that I have gone home and had to drink a couple extra glasses of prosecco because they realllly pissed me off that day. That's just life though. It doesn't make it a shit job. 

"Wine Champagne is for every night of the week"

There was only a tiny little problem with this portion of the sentence. I made it better. I can wholeheartedly say I agree with it 100% now. 

"Never settle for less than 6 inches"

Okay, kids, don't be like me and think this is about your high heels. You should definitely settle for less than a 6 inch heel. Flats are also amazing. Embrace your true height. 
When it comes to the size of a dude's dick, I'm all about the phrase "bigger is better." BUT, it's really about the whole package. Like not his actual package, but like him and his personality and how he treats you. You have to find your lobster, regardless of how many inches he's hiding in his pants. 

I just want girls to realize, life isn't perfect; it's hard work. You're not going get the perfect guy and the perfect job and it remains perfect and effortless forever [dreeeaaaam weaver]. Life will always be hard work. Relationships and dream jobs require passion, sweat, and lots of tears. They are forever evolving so that means you're forever having to work at them.

rant over.



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  1. Love this post! And I agree... champagne is for every night of the week. In our family we have a fave bottle we call our "every day bubbles" (as opposed to the fancy ones we get for special occasions :)